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Gas Plume

Cities Compete To Go Green

But L.A.'s Efforts Are Set Back By A Massive Gas Leak, Writes Jon Christensen in the L.A. Times

Yellow-bellied sea snake

Of Sea Snakes, Climate Change & Citizen Science

See Something Weird? Call Your Local Scientist, Says IoES’s Brad Shaffer

Planet Playlist

Out of the Blue and Into Your Eardrums

UCLA Professor Paul Barber’s ocean conservation efforts get remixed for a new art and science exhibit

Image of Eiffel Tower With Illuminated Globe honors the COP21 climate change talks in Paris

Au revoir, Paris. Holá, El Niño!

The Paris Climate Agreement is Historic, Timely, Crucial — and Basically Inadequate, Says Jon Christensen

Christopher Cokinos

Exploring Our Planetary Future

Q&A with IoES Journalism and Media Fellow Christopher Cokinos

Dennis Mabasa

The Eco-Educator

Introducing City Kids to Nature: The Mission of IoES Alum Dennis Mabasa

Bird with string in mouth

Why Are Some Wild Animals More Tolerant to Human Interaction Than Others?

Meta-analysis Led by UCLA Biologist Could Have Implications for Conservation Strategies

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Grand Challenges: Sustainable LA

How can we achieve sustainability in energy and water while enhancing ecosystem health in Los Angeles County by 2050?
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IoES Senior Practicum

IoES Senior Practicum: One of the World’s Best Environmental Educational Experiences

Read how this capstone program for our environmental science majors matches them with real-world clients needing real-world solutions

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