Practicum in Environmental Science

The Environmental Science Practicum is the exceptional, culminating experience for all of our students.

The entire senior class works in small teams of 6-7 students on research projects that are defined and conducted in collaboration with public agencies, businesses or non-profit organizations.

We draw upon the vast expertise across UCLA to find the appropriate advisor for each team, but students understand that they are responsible for the success of the research. Every senior gains invaluable research experience and professional development training working on client projects that directly serve to protect the local environment and improve urban sustainability. 

Routinely, our graduates cite the Practicum as their most rewarding experience at UCLA and their real-world experience has provided the edge they need to successfully compete for jobs and graduate school programs.  Clients gain valuable information that serves their mission and, importantly, they directly contribute to the education of the next generation of environmental problem-solvers.  

“Getting put into a group for a big project means you have to collaborate, make compromises, and expand on ideas that are not your own.  Beyond college, no matter where you go or what you do, life is a team effort.  Working together with others to achieve a larger goal is how progress is made.  These projects are the best glimpse of what is to come and how tasks will be completed in our future.  Having to work in the group dynamic to achieve something bigger is special because this is what we will be doing in the years to come. It is the best representation and introduction to the real world.”
–Tor Zipkin, IoES Class of 2012

“Once the cause of a problem is confirmed then a solution can be found. Hopefully these Practicum studies lead people to develop a greater respect for nature.”
–Stephanie Falzone, IoES Class of 2010