Practicum 2013-2014

The following are the projects under production by IoES students for their practicum.

Toxic Release Inventory University Challenge

Student(s): Ha Hyun Chung, Carmen Marie-Therese Ehlinger, Fannie Hsieh, Leanna Huynh, Larry Yulin Lai, Amy Tat, Audrey Vinant-Tang

Client: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Advisor: Prof. Magali Delmas

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An assessment of the economic, environmental and social conditions that will allow the commercial exploitation of solar energy harvesting on Southern California water canals

Student(s): Taylor Cam Briglio, Jessica Marcy Galvan, Kelsey Marie Ivan, David Lee Mun, Brandon Michael Pullen, Elizabeth Anna Schneider, Ashley Chew Verhines

Client: The ADEPT Group, Inc.

Advisor: Prof. Matt Kahn

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Analysis of motile invertebrate data from MARINe rocky intertidal monitoring at Channel Islands National Park

Student(s): Kim Lee Bowen, Thomas Dickson Folker, Rachel Ker, Melissa Grace Klose, Julianne Louise Marshall, Sargam Saraf, Anna Ly Tram

Client: National Park Service

Advisor: Dr. Felicia Federico

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Phytoplankton biological community assessment: Case study at the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

Student(s): Vanessa De Anda, Jessie Marie Jaeger, Jacquelyn Rose Lam, Kristine Leon, Anthony Rees Noren, Mahsa Ostowari, Ellisa Hannah Soberon

Client: The Bay Foundation

Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Shipe

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Evaluating factors that impact aquatic benthic macroinvertebrate communities in the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California

Student(s): Rita Chang, Mark Sien-Gwun Chong, Nathaniel Willis Clark, Valentina Lin, Kevin Michael Tang, Jazmin Tostado, Alice Wong

Client: Heal The Bay

Advisor: Dr. Mark Gold

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Rethinking Water at UCLA Unicamp

Student(s): Hunter Leigh Connell, Charles Mcintyre Falconer, Daniel Ryan Fong, Kyle Sigdian Graycar, Diana Nguyen, Emily Ann Parker, Nathan Kai Tsang

Client: UCLA Unicamp

Advisor: Dr. Michael McGuire

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Estimating the Mass of VOC Pollutants in the West Coast Los Angeles Groundwater Basin

Student(s): Soseh Baboumian, Maya Keiko Bruguera, Albert Lu, Emilio Mendoza Ronquillo, Evan Tang, Ziqi Wan, Shihao Zhu

Client: Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

Advisor: Travis Longcore and Travis Brooks

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Evaluating Certified Wildlife Habitats and the Minds Behind Them.

Student(s): Jennifer Mariko Chan, Terry Hugo Chen, Yuxin Jin, Nicole M Tachiki, Sara Louiz Vetter, Megan Leigh Vyenielo, Gina Yuan Zheng

Client: National Wildlife Federation

Advisor: Assoc. Adj. Prof. Travis Longcore

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Tuning the white light spectrum of residential lamps for reducing nocturnal insect attraction

Student(s): Hannah Lins Aldern, John Franklin Eggers, Steve Flores, Lesly Joanne Franco, Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi, Laina Natalia Petrinec, Wilson Alexander Yan

Client: Philips Lighting

Advisor: Assoc. Adj. Prof. Travis Longcore

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Online publication: Tuning the white light spectrum of light emitting diode lamps to reduce attraction of nocturnal arthropods

by Travis Longcore, Hannah L. Aldern, John F. Eggers, Steve Flores, Lesly Franco, Eric Hirshfield-Yamanishi, Laina N. Petrinec, Wilson A. Yan, André M. Barroso.

Assessing community choice aggregation for the City of Hermosa Beach and South Bay Cities

Student(s): Jessica Reid Hampton, Jonathan Godfrey Ho, Jessica Lynn Ryan Leigh, David Banas Limjoco, Steven H Odom, Adrian Daniel Salazar, Francis Vincent Villanueva

Client: City of Hermosa Beach

Advisor: Juan Matute

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Comparison of antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat products and downstream air and soils from conventional and antibiotic-free poultry facilities

Student(s): Carolyn Diane Collins, Edwin Giragossian, Allison Van Hornstra, Sarah Kamel, Andrea Elizabeth Maben, Benjamin Elliot Schmidt, Lauren Marie Sevigny

Client: Natural Resources Defense Council

Advisor: Helen Sanchez and Prof. Jenny Jay

Impact of Epiphytes on Seagrass Health in California Estuaries

Student(s): Maya Bruguera

Client: Honors Project

Advisor: Dr. Peggy Fong and Sarah Bittick

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