Spotlight on Sustainability

Spotlight on Sustainability

A Spring 2013 Corporate Partners Program Workshop and Leaders in Sustainability Event

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Portola Plaza Building (IPAM) at UCLA

2 PM: Supply Chain Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges

In today's global economy, ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain that provides resources and components for final manufactured products has become an enormous challenge. The spring CPP event will include business leaders at companies that have global supply chain management challenges.

Jennifer DuBuisson, Associate Manager Global Sustainability, Mattel

Within Mattel's Corporate Responsibility Department, Jennifer manages programs and initiatives focused on integrating sustainability across Mattel’s Brands, Operations and Culture. In this role, Jennifer sets the strategic direction and goals for Mattel’s sustainability program and executes cross-functional programs ranging from global environmental resource management, sustainable product and packaging design, life cycle assessment and employee engagement. Jennifer has extensive experience related to managing environmental, health and safety risks and Mattel’s GMP social compliance program.  Prior to Mattel, she worked in environmental consulting and has a Master degree in Environmental Management from the Bren School, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Gero Leson, D. Env., Director of Special Operations, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Gero Leson grew up on Cologne, Germany. During his masters program in physics at the University of Cologne he and fellow students organized classes and seminars on ecological issues. After graduation he worked in an environmental research institute, then joined the ESE program in 1986 to expand his understanding of environmental issues. During and after his dissertation he worked as environmental researcher and consultant, mostly for U.S. industry. First he focused on novel environmental technology, such as biological air pollution control, then increasingly on renewable resources and international development.

Since 2005 Gero has managed the conversion of the supply chain of Dr. Bronner's, the U.S. largest brand of natural soaps, to certified fair trade and organic raw materials. This involved the design, setup and operation of several oil mills. Since 2005 he's spent more than half of his time at Dr. Bronner's projects in Sri Lanka, Ghana, India and Kenya. The knowledge and experience gained from ESE has come in very handy.

Faculty Speakers:

  • Charles J. Corbett, Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability, UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • Magali Delmas, Professor of Management, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

4 PM: Honoring the Leaders in Sustainability Graduates

Join us in celebrating sustainability at our end of the year networking event.  UCLA's Leaders in Sustainability, past and present, will be recognizing this year's graduating class. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear a great speaker, talk with LiS alumni and mingle with your colleagues interested in sustainability related issues.


Diane Wittenberg, Director Emeritus, California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative and The Climate Registry

Corporate Sustainability: Private Sector Solutions to Global Environmental Problems

Diane Wittenberg has served in the private, public and NGO sectors.  Most recently, she was the Executive Director and Chairman of the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, a public-private partnership of automotive companies, utilities, NGOs, California legislators and regulators, and other thought leaders who came together to ensure a successful and sustainable plug-In electric vehicle (PEV) market in California.  

Diane has served as Executive Director of The Climate Registry, a GHG Registry governed by many states and provinces.  Before that, she was President of the California Climate Action Registry.  She was also a Vice President of Edison International and Southern California Edison, and President of Edison EV.

Cocktail Reception to Follow

Sponsored by the generous support of the Graduate Student Association Sustainable Resource Center.


Sponsors: UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Center for Corporate Environmental Performance