Buildings loom large in street-level air quality

Suzanne Paulson is always looking for ways to help Los Angeles—and the world—breathe a little easier.
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A Tale of Two Cities

Collaborative pollution research featured in UCLA Today.

Yifang Zhu, an associate professor in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, and her colleagues are drawing on lessons from Los Angeles and teaming with Peking University scientists to guide policy makers as Beijing grapples with record levels of air pollution. Continue Reading

From the UCLA Environment Newsroom


Particulates in Los Angeles

KCRW-89 FM’s “Which Way, L.A.” reported on a study led by Center for Clean Air Director Suzanne Paulson that looked at several neighborhoods in Los Angeles and found striking disparities in levels of transit-related air pollution.


Air Pollution and Autism

Babies exposed to air pollution when in the womb are more likely to have autism, according to a UCLA study published Mar. 1, 2013, in Environmental Health Perspectives.


Carmageddon improved air quality

Coverage of the new study by IoES’ Suzanne Paulson, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and Yifang Zhu, associate professor of environmental health sciences.


Capturing a complex ‘snapshot’ of air pollution in California

UCLA atmospheric scientists participated in the largest single atmospheric research effort in California history. Some 70 different monitoring devices on the tower were used by 40 independent research teams to gather complex data that will help guide policymakers on air pollution issues.


Health study targets major California rail yard

The Associated Press and LA Times reported on a study involving John Froines, Environmental Health Sciences and IoES Professor, that will examine the effect of high-toxicity emissions from a San Bernardino rail yard on surrounding communities.


Energy: America’s top climate cop

Nature News profiled former Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Director Mary Nichol’s efforts as Chair of the California Air Resources Board.