Los Angeles Skyline
Climate change solutions mural at Millbrook School Photo credit: 350.org

The Center for Climate Change Solutions at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability is a world-class science and outreach center focused on finding solutions to the challenges we face from climate change.

Through strategic growth in programs and activities, effective fundraising, and careful planning, the Center intends to become a leading site in interdisciplinary and solutions-based research that actively bridges the gap between science and society.

“Leading the search for real solutions to real challenges”

Located in the global city of Los Angeles, the Center for Climate Change Solutions leverages the world-class resources of the University of California Los Angeles to bring together experts from the natural sciences, business, law, public policy and planning, public health and medicine, and entertainment and the media.

Utilizing these resources and facilitating the collaboration of experts from all sectors of society, UCLA and the CCCS are leading the search for real solutions to the real challenges of climate change.

In order to accomplish the integrative mission of the Center for Climate Change Solutions—bridging the gap between science and society—we employ an integrative, tripartite strategy.


Interface specialists respond to the needs of decision makers by connecting relevant science with critical societal challenges.


Training current and future leaders to respond to the challenges of climate change.


Foster new research and new solutions to bridge scientific, humanities and public policy disciplines to develop critical tools for crafting sound policy.