About the Center for Climate Change Solutions

The Center for Climate Change Solutions operates at the intersection of science and policy by employing and serving researchers and decision-makers in the development and communication of effective solutions to the challenges of climate change.

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In order to facilitate a sustained, active commerce of knowledge, needs, and solutions between societal endeavors:

  • We must establish institutions at the intersection of knowledge development and knowledge application.
  • We must facilitate this commerce directly at the interface.
  • We must build bridges that are themselves the site of action.

The mission of the Center is two-fold:

  • To catalyze and create better-informed and more effective policies to reduce the threats and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change.
  • To conduct cross-disciplinary research in order to find technological and other knowledge-based solutions to the causes and consequences of climate change.

It is challenging for scientists to predict the full impact of climate change. The natural world is already responding to a changed climate and it is clear that new adaptive measures are required. As scientists examine how climate change will impact the sustainability of biodiversity, public health, economic development, and the ecosystem services on which humans depend, the need for a rapid and meaningful translation of science into effective policy has become urgent.