The Center for Climate Change Solutions offers four core services.


Goal: To promote and facilitate dialog between researchers and decision-makers

  • Respond to the needs of state and local resource managers
  • Work with NGOs and government on mitigation and adaptation efforts
  • Communicate the key challenges posed by climate change to decision-makers
  • Integrative conferences and summits


Goal: To nurture emerging science and develop critical tools for crafting sound policy

  • CCCS will act as a hub for interdisciplinary research teams
  • Actively survey the needs of policy- and decision-makers
  • Best practices for urban communities and natural ecosystems
  • A large focus on local and California issues


Goal: To educate current and future leaders in global decision-making strategies

  • Customized workshops
  • Lectures and intimate discussions for diverse community leaders
  • Graduate and undergraduate participation in research and outreach activities
  • Interdisciplinary instruction in climate change


Goal: To partner with diverse stakeholders to bring about positive, sustainable change

  • Sustain a network of scientific and policy-making practitioners
  • Create effective partnerships in response to particular challenges or needs
  • Web-based interactive tools
  • Collaborate with local, national, and international stakeholders