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Postdoctoral ScholarUCLA Center for Tropical Research

Phone: (310) 206-6234

Center for Tropical Research
Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

University of California, Los Angeles
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Box 951456
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496

Research Interests

The objective of my postdoctoral research at the Institute of the Environment will be to analyze satellite imagery to identify environmental variables that are associated with occurrences of avian influenza in North America. This analysis, which will be supervised by Sassan Saatchi, is part of an ongoing project about avian influenza at the Institute of the Environment that is supported in part by Grant No. 1R01AI074059-01, “EID - Effects of avian migration & anthropogenic change on the distribution & transmission of avian influenza'', from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The importance of determining environmental covariates that are correlated with the prevalence of avian influenza arises from the fact that identifying such covariates will help predict future influenza outbreaks. In addition, the proposed work will provide insights about the likely effects of ongoing land conversion on the transmission of avian influenza among migratory birds, resident birds, and humans. My postdoctoral research will build on previous work that has demonstrated the utility of remote-sensed data for the mapping of disease risk. For example, Chretien et al. (2007) used remote-sensed data to identify environmental variables associated with outbreaks of Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) on islands in the Indian ocean during 2005-2006. Chretien et al.'s analysis utilized VEGETATION, an optical sensor on the SPOT-4 satellite. In contrast, my work will primarily use radar remote-sensing, an approach which has proved effective at mapping species' distributions in the tropics (Simard et al., 2002; Saatchi et al. 2008).

Chretien, J.-P., Anyamba, A., Bedno, S. A., Breiman, R. F., Sang, R., Sergon, K., Powers, A. M.,  Onyango, C. O., Small, J., Tucker, C. J., Linthicum, K. J. 2007. Drought-associated Chikungunya emergence along coastal East Africa. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 76, 405-407.

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Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin (2009).

M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin (2004).

B.A. in Historical Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas (2001).


Journal Articles

Sarkar, S., Sánchez-Cordero, V., Londoño, M. C., and Fuller, T. "Systematic Conservation Assessment for the Mesoamerica, Chocó, and Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspots: A Preliminary Analysis." Biodiversity and Conservation, in press.

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Book Chapters 

Sarkar, S., Fuller, T., Aggarwal, A., Moffett, A., and Kelley, C. D. 2009. "The ConsNet Software Platform for Systematic Conservation Planning." In Moilanen, A.,  Possingham, H., and Wilson, K. (Eds.), Spatial Conservation Prioritization: Quantitative Methods and Computational Tools. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 978-0-19-954777-7.

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