Held February 8-10, 2007
Institute of the Environment
University of California, Los Angeles


An International Summit
Evolutionary Change in
Human-altered Environments

Proceedings of the UCLA Institute of the Environment Summit
Available January 3, 2008 in a Special Issue of Molecular Ecology


The Special Issue of Molecular Ecology was published in print on January 3, 2008. It is also available free online at http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/119411284/issue and single hard copy issues can be ordered (click here for instructions).

The Special Issue of Molecular Ecology contains the papers presented by more than 40 prominent biologists at the international summit on “Evolutionary Change in Human-altered Environments.” The Special Issue is organized around three themes: Habitat Degradation and Climate Change, Exploitation and Captive Breeding, and Invasive Species and Pathogens. The preface is written by summit co-organizers and Special Issue guest editors Thomas Smith and Louis Bernatchez

The summit was attended by 325 people from 21 countries and 104 people presented posters. The speakers' presentations and abstracts can be viewed on this site under the link entitled "Speaker Presentations."