VX2011: The 4th Annual VERDEXCHANGE Green Marketmakers Conference

The 'One' Global Event for Accessing the California and Western States Clean and Green Marketplace

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Los Angeles, CA 90095

January 23-25, 2011
Los Angeles, California

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California and the Western States: Portals to the Clean Energy, Green Technologies Marketplace of North America and the United States 

Last January, VX2010 brought together leading clean and green technology, infrastructure, and sustainable practice marketmakers-the executives, private and public, whose work creates and sustains the global economy. This January 23-25, VERDEXCHANGE hosts its fourth annual Western States/California Conference and Expo: VX2011. Attendees will participate in an unmatched, cross-platform, executive opportunity that will give them the chance to learn, network, and do business with global and local green economy manufacturers, entrepreneurs, elected officials, utility executives, energy and water regulators, environmental stewards, investors, and project financiers. Continuing the tradition of previous VERDEXCHANGE conferences, attendees will gather in intimate panel and networking sessions under one roof in one of the most economically vibrant and environmentally conscious regions in North America and the world-Los Angeles, California.

Why attend?

The conference's value proposition for attendees: a need to share and better understand pacesetting climate change regulations and vast alternative energy opportunities, and an understanding of the economic importance of California and the Western states in the arena of global energy market regulations and stimulus policies.


The January VX2011 Conference builds on the central theme of the three previous forums: that California and the Western States are opportunity-rich economic markets that will drive future U.S. energy policy and sustainable practice. VX2011's multi-platform clean and green technology conference panels will include in-market, about-to-be-in-market, and needed-in-market experts on renewables, clean water, green building, alternatively fueled vehicles, and sustainable infrastructure. In addition, the 2011 lineup will highlight market drivers such as global initiatives, model public policies, and current environmental regulations.

Conference panels and plenary sessions, including Sunday's (January 23rd) Pre Conference executive sessions, will highlight current and future business opportunities, current and about-to-be in market products and services, public policy developments, and research on needed-in-market technologies that are driving climate change innovation, sustainable practice, and new investment.

Who will attend?

Approximately 500-650 delegates will partake in VX2011, including industry leaders and procurers involved with energy efficiency, transmission, alternative fuel vehicles, clean water, and green building.

Don't miss this timely opportunity to network, accelerate, and profit from these clean energy and green tech marketplace developments.