Environmental Science Practicum Presentations

Environmental Science seniors will present the findings of their capstone research experience.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
CS50 Young Hall

The Environmental Science Practicum is a yearlong sequence of courses designed to introduce undergraduate students to the common tools and methodologies of environmental science—building on other classes in the major. Students form teams to focus on an environmental case study representing a real-life multi-disciplinary forward looking issue, usually in the Los Angeles area, and are required to produce original data and analysis. The case study is defined and conducted with the collaboration of a local agency, organization or non-profit institution. The final element of the Practicum is to prepare written materials and deliver a presentation. Come see what the Environmental Science majors have learned and discovered during this extensive experience!

Learn more about the Practicum in Environmental Science here.

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Schedule of Presentations

4:00 P.M.
Travis Longcore, Senior Practicum Coordinator, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Field Biology Quarter Capstone

4:15 P.M.
Foraging Behavior of Nocturnal Frugivores in Relation to Anthropogenic Light
Grace Ho
Advisors:  Debra Shier and Greg Grether, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Practicum Projects

4:30 P.M.
Elephant Hill Vision and Park Plan
Austin Arruda, Allison Cardoso, Emily Foster, Tarn Johnson, Crystal Lee, Adam Rabb
Client:  Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
Advisor:  Travis Brooks, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

4:45 P.M.
Loud and Bright: Citizen Science to Measure Lights and Noise
Tatiana Briones, Wendy Chao, Joshua Cox, Alizah Mooman, Thomas Lau, Amy Sen, Isabel Sepkowitz
Client:  Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Advisor:  Travis Longcore, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

5:00 P.M.
An Assessment of Endangered, Threatened, and Species of Special Concern in the University of California Natural Reserve System
Jasneet Bains, Mario Colon, Maxwell Montrose, Vanessa Reyes, Warren Tan, Rachel Thompson, Jannet Vu
Client:  University of California Natural Reserve System
Advisor:  H. Bradley Shaffer, La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science

5:15 P.M.
Performance of a Freeway Underpass as a Regional Wildland Linkage for Mammals
Lindsay Almaleh, Brittany Chetty, Kathryn Francis, Ching-Sheng Huang, Brooke Pickett, Michael Wright
Client:  United States Geological Survey
Advisor:  Travis Longcore, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability