​Center for Tropical Research Seminar

"Measuring What Matters: Metrics for Conservation and Human Well-being" presented by Madeleine Bottrill, Ph.D., Conservation International

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

La Kretz Hall, Suite 300

Large conference room

Our collective ability to plan and monitor actions to sustain the ecosystem services upon which people depend is hampered by indicator frameworks that focus on humans only as threats or, in some cases, ancillary beneficiaries of conservation. Conservation organizations need a robust system of metrics to i) help substantiate our fundamental premise that healthy people require a healthy planet; ii) raise and guide resources to the most impactful places and actions; iii) document successes and failures accurately; iv) communicate this information in a common language to decision makers; and v) to enable adaptive management of conservation efforts. In this talk, Madeleine will present an integrated framework developed by Conservation International to guide priorities and demonstrate the impact of CI programs with examples from Madagascar and Cambodia. In addition, she will share preliminary results from an ongoing study to identify and characterize existing studies which document the impacts of conservation on dimensions of human well-being. This systematic review of the evidence base provides the conceptual basis for understanding causal relationships and validating assumptions about the contribution of conservation to improved well-being.

Madeleine Bottrill, Ph.D. is Director, Monitoring & Evaluation in the Moore Center for Science & Oceans at Conservation International. She leads and is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of CI’s actions and investments across its global programs. She also provides scientific guidance on M&E to large-scale multi-year projects and conducts research on social and ecological outcomes of conservation. Originally from London, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh, holds a Masters from the University of East Anglia in Applied Ecology and Conservation, and earned her Ph.D. in program evaluation of conservation policy and practice from the University of Queensland, Australia. Prior to joining CI in 2011, she worked as a researcher and environmental consultant specializing in landscape-scale conservation planning and threatened species conservation with several NGOs including IUCN, WWF and FFI, and private consultancies. She has published on aspects of monitoring and evaluation, systematic conservation planning, and prioritization of conservation investments.