Become a member of the La Kretz League and help us continue to protect and preserve California’s biodiversity and unique ecosystems through research, education, and public programs.

Your generosity will enable world-class researchers to supply the scientific information needed to restore and protect California’s unique ecosystems. Your donation will be directed exclusively to support research and outreach. Thank you for your support.

La Kretz League Giving Levels

Level 1 – La Kretz Friend ($1 - $99 / year) Suggested donation $50.

Benefits include an early invitation to all La Kretz Center events, including the Annual Public Lecture at King Gillette Ranch and three League-only events: two Naturalist Expeditions at the La Kretz Field Station in the Santa Monica Mountains and the Annual Campus Event at UCLA. These events will be centered on field experiences with La Kretz Center faculty affiliates, environmental films (on campus) and lectures on current conservation issues. The La Kretz Field Station events also include an informal barbeque where faculty, graduate students and League members can get to know one another and discuss topics of interest.


Level 2 – La Kretz Supporter ($100-$999 / year)

In addition to the benefits listed above, Supporter level members will receive VIP seating at the Annual Public Lecture. Your name will also be listed on the La Kretz Center webpage.


Level 3 – La Kretz Partner ($1,000 / year)

In addition to the benefits listed above, Partner level members will receive access to the green room at the Annual Public Lecture to meet the invited speaker. Partner level members will also receive an invitation to an annual meet-and-greet with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, whose work your donation supports.


Level 4 – La Kretz Steward ($2,500 / year)

At the $2,500 level, your membership will support an individual graduate student’s research project. You will receive an annual report brief from that graduate student about their research and an invitation to a private lab demonstration of their work. You will also receive an invitation to a private reception following the Annual Campus Event.


Level 5 – La Kretz Champion ($5,000 / year)

At the Champion level, your membership will provide additional support for one or more individual graduate student research projects. In addition to receiving an annual report brief from a graduate student whose research matches your interests, you will also receive an invitation to a field expedition with that student. You will also receive premier name listing on the La Kretz League webpage and VIP parking at all La Kretz Center events.


Gary Bucciarelli

Gary Bucciarelli
Public Outreach Coordinator

Photo credit: Gary Bucciarelli

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