2012 Science Festival

The La Kretz Center scientists and staff manned a booth and provided sponsorship in support of the National Park Service’s 3rd annual Santa Monica Mountains Science Festival, held on April 27 and 28, 2012 at Paramount Ranch.

At the La Kretz booth, visitors learned about the water cycle, with emphasis on the role of vegetation. Through simple experimental demonstrations, clear graphics and a test for older children, students explored the concepts of precipitation, infiltration, evapotranspiration and runoff.  Teachers were provided with copies of the learning materials as well as instructions on how to replicate the experiments in the classroom.

Over 2,500 people attended the Festival where they enjoyed presentations on the natural wildlife of the area, had fun in the kids’ activity section, and participated in many hands-on demonstrations and nature walks provided by a “who’s who” of environmental agencies and organizations in the Santa Monica Mountains. Over 29 buses brought schoolchildren from underserved areas in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.  UCLA’s Stunt Ranch Santa Monica Mountains Reserve, a La Kretz Center partner, had an adjacent booth at which visitors learned about plants and animals in the area.