2013 LA Natural History Museum RAAD Event

La Kretz Center Director Brad Shaffer and Public Outreach Coordinator Gary Bucciarelli participated in the 5th Annual Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day (RADD) at the LA County Natural History Museum on October 20, 2012.  As keynote speaker at the event, Brad presented a talk about conserving California reptiles and amphibians to a wide audience of scientists, herpetologists, and school children. Meanwhile, Gary manned the La Kretz booth in the public exhibits area.

In the La Kretz booth, visitors learned about the conservation status of two California native amphibians: the California Tiger Salamander and the California Newt. These species are declining throughout their range, facing challenges ranging from climate change to invasive species that threaten their existence. The La Kretz Center is funding conservation projects on both species.

According to Dr. Shaffer, ”RAAD is a unique way to bring together the research and conservation agenda at the UCLA La Kretz Center with the energy and passion of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts from the public at the Natural History Museum. I love being a part of RAAD, and hope it continues for years to come."

The La Kretz Center is proud to partner with the LA County Natural History Museum. To participate in our public outreach programs, check out the newly formed La Kretz League here and join other members of the public to help us preserve California and its unique species and ecosystems

Photo credit: Mario de Lopez