2013 UCLA Explore Your Universe

La Kretz Center employees and members of the UCLA Shaffer Lab joined the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department booth at this year's Explore Your Universe event. Over 4000 children, parents, and science enthusiasts attended ready to see what the fifth annual EYU had to offer. The La Kretz Center contributed by displaying endangered tiger salamanders and newts, and offering the opportunity to learn about our exciting new initiative, the La Kretz League.

The League, a new public outreach program committed to educate, grow, and fund citizen scientists and conservation research, received as much attention as the live animals. As children discovered the difference between scaly lizards and smooth salamanders, adults learned about this opportunity to actively support conservation science efforts in their own backyard.

From work on the interaction between the invasive crayfish and threatened California newts in the Santa Monica Mountains to studying the stress induced effects of artificial light and noise on urban dwelling birds, the League strives to fund research that fulfills the mission of the La Kretz Center, to protect and restore the biodiversity and ecosystems of California.

To help our effort or to learn more about the La Kretz League, click here.

Photo credit: Kevin Neal