A conversation on corporate sustainability reporting

On June 3, 2010 a special event took place with Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Director of Sustainability Reporting Framework Michael Wallace.

Representatives attended the event from many Southern California businesses, ranging from retail, to transportation, to healthcare. The evening began with a casual networking session. The first speaker was Professor Magali Delmas, Professor at the Institute of the Environment and UCLA Anderson School of Management. She spoke about exciting developments at the IoE, the Center for Corporate Environmental Performance and the IoE Corporate Partner’s Program. Following Professor Delmas, Michael Wallace spoke for 45 minutes followed by an insightful Q&A session. His presentation focused on Corporate Sustainability Reporting trends, both from internal corporate adoption and external integration. Among other things, he spoke on the increasing trend in companies of all shapes and sizes adopting reporting framework and increasing transparency of their operation. He also discussed the integration of these reports into financial analysis with firms like Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg.


After Mr. Wallace there was a panel session with Catherin Geanuracos from Live Earth, Matt Harris from San Diego Regional Airport Authority and Elaine Salewske from Baxter Healthcare. Each panelist discussed their organization’s unique experience with sustainability reporting, to include motivations, lessons learned and the future. Another Q&A session with the panelists followed and the event closed. Attendees slowly filed out to return home, but conversations continued well past the closing remarks.

The Institute of the Environment would like to thank Michael Wallace and the GRI, Michael Berg and the G&A, our Corporate Partners and all those in attendance. “The event was a great success. A perfect example of the value that UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and its Partners’ can create when their resources are pooled,” stated Professor Delmas. She continued, “A blend of industry experience and academic research provided a great opportunity for both groups to learn from each other and progress towards their individual goals. We look forward to offering future events to the community and exclusive events to our Partners.”

Michael Wallace said, “Receiving participation from such distinguished organizations illustrates that Corporate Sustainability Reporting is a rapidly growing area of interest across the board.”

He continued, “The diverse audience provided a great platform to share insights and experiences across sectors, from corporate to academic, from the clothing industry to healthcare. This event and others like it are crucial in the effective and efficient adoption and integration of Corporate Sustainability Reporting in normal business practice.”

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