Oh, the places you’ll go!

Degrees conferred, the next crop of environmental scientists educated at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability are set to embark on a fresh course.


Can you dig it?

Student organization DigUCLA cares for community gardens at the university and helps
campus constituents and local residents reconnect with what sustains life on Earth.


New book analyzes climate changes threats for Southwest U.S.

A hotter future is projected for the Southwestern United States, and the anticipated threats unique to the region are detailed in a landmark report released May 2, with contributions from two experts at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.


Scholarly adventure seekers

From parts of California, to cities in China, and across the continent of Africa, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability faculty are exploring and examining Earth.


Amplified natural resource

The University of California White Mountain Research Center (WMRC) is an all-encompassing field site with research, teaching, and outreach activities.


The Financial Implications of Going Green

The Institute’s Corporate Partners Program, in collaboration with the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Fink Center for Finance & Investments, hosted a symposium on the economics of environmental corporate practices on Jan. 16 at Korn Convocation Hall.


Illuminating conservation efforts

Nularis Energy Solutions donates LED indoor light bulbs to the new UCLA La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science Field Station.


Green guidance

The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability welcomes six new members to its Board of Advisors.


Sustainable Storytelling

The Education for Sustainable Living Program hosts seminars and screenings on sustainability issues.


Green in Gear

The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability adds the Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering (D.Env.) as a fifth academic program.


Minor Accomplishment

Among the 83 minors offered by UCLA is a specialization directed by the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.