Building the foundation for a great education

Green urban planner and instructor Walker Wells has been selected for the 2012 Pritzker Fellowship

The Pritzker Fund for Environment and Sustainability Education was established to support teaching and curriculum development at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES). Wells was selected based on his exemplary record as a lecturer with the Institute. He is the lead instructor for Environment M153 – Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community Planning.

Wells serves as director of the Green Urbanism Program for Global Green USA. He is also a member of the American Institute of City Planners and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional. His expertise in building environmentally friendly cities spans the globe. He’s applied cost-effective green building practices to places such as the City of Santa Monica and the City of Malmo, Sweden.

Currently offered during the summer session, Environment M153 is frequently cited as a favorite class by undergraduate students. Wells teaches “green urbanism” – the practice of creating settlements that are mutually beneficial to humans and the environment. The course has two goals: provide students with the ability to see the natural environment at work in the city (filtering water, photosynthesis, and decomposition) and develop skills for realizing a future city that functions along ecosystem principles.

Well’s discussed how the course is structured. “By applying concepts like ecosystem services and tools like green building, complete streets, renewable energy generation, and green infrastructure, students develop a proposal to remake a portion of Los Angeles as a green urbanist place,” he said.

The sustainable development practices covered in Well’s class are another building block of knowledge and skills IoES students acquire. Wells said, “I am deeply honored to be selected for the Fellowship and grateful for the support it provides for the course I teach at the IoES.”