Center for Tropical Research Fall 2012 Newsletter

The Center for Tropical Research has posted its Fall 2012 newsletter on the News and Updates page of its website. The biannual CTR newsletter contains a feature article by a CTR researcher, a workshop report from one of CTR's associate directors, a letter from CTR Director Thomas Smith, and updates on CTR projects, field research trips, graduate student and postdoctoral scholar activities, new publications, and new grant support.

The November 2012 feature article by Samantha Cheng explores cryptic diversity with Indian and Pacific Ocean Big Fin Reef Squids. The workshop report by Kevin Njabo reports on workshops held to focus on building the capacity to control animal-borne influenza in Cameroon and Egypt.

Tom Smith’s Letter from the Director describes recent developments in CTR’s effort in creating a Center for Integrative Development in Cameroon, dedicated to finding practical solutions to critical problems facing Central Africa. The new center is to be constructed on the campus of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture on the outskirts of the Cameroon’s capital Yaoundé and will form a regional hub for interdisciplinary research.