Citadel expands Environmental Geology Group and opens San Diego office

Citadel has officially annouced the acquisition of the San Diego-based staff of Barajas and Associates, a strategic acquisition that will expand Citadel’s well-established Environmental Geology capabilities, as well as provide a local office in the San Diego, California market.

The newest employees have extensive environmental assessment, design, and remediation experience as part of an on-going $20 million IDIQ Environmental Services contract with the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest Division (Navy) in San Diego for the past eight years, plus a wealth of private industry experience.  While current clients have been able to rely on staff to complete complex projects, the public sector skill set and educational qualifications that the new staff members bring to Citadel take their abilities to an even higher level.  There are few projects in complexity and size that Citadel can’t handle from transactional projects to Superfund site clean-ups.