City of Santa Clarita utilizing a wildlife study by IoES students

"Wildlife Use of the Los Piñetos Underpass in Santa Clarita, California" documents the efforts of students Robert Freidin, Diane Schreck, Brooke Scruggs, Elise Shulman, Alissa Swauger, and Allison Tashnek. Dr. Travis Longcore and Dr. Erin Boydston served as advisors.

Corridors between fragmented habitats are critical to the maintenance of certain wildlife populations. Commercial development is being considered in the small wedge of land between Sierra Highway and State Route (SR) 14. The Los Piñetos underpass is  a corridor under SR 14 that provides a connection between the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority and the City of Santa Clarita protected land and this site. Beyond this wedge is a habitat connection to the Los Padres National Forest, which makes the Los Piñetos underpass the most likely connection between two regionally significant blocks of protected habitat. To document wildlife use of this underpass, ten remotely triggered cameras, in stages, were installed over two months around the area. To read the full report (with images) click here.

The report was also republished in California-based road ecology newsletter "Road Apple." To check out the edition featuring the study click here.