Confronting Climate Change: A Focus on Local Government Impacts, Actions and Resources

This conference covered the most recent scientific understanding of climate change impacts to cities and counties throughout California and outlined the tools and resources for local governments to address climate change impacts. Discussions focused on local government case studies, coordinated regional efforts, funding opportunities and strategies to reduce risk and impacts that will create jobs and help local economies. The event generated opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and networking between the more than 200 attendees.

Conference speakers were leading experts in climate change science, water policy, public health, and local and regional planning. IoES and Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies Associate Professor Alex Hall delivered presentations on "Los Angeles Regional Downscaling" and "Climate Change Implications for Local Government." Center for Climate Change Solutions Director Paul Bunje led a breakout session on "Successful Regional Coordination.”

The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) was a sponsor of the conference. Bunje is LARC’s Managing Director and Hall sits on the Technical Advisory Committee. Conference partners also included various state agencies, conservation, health, business, technology, and charitable organizations.

The event was a continuation of a larger statewide discussion on ensuring local governments has access to the tools, resources and guidance to allow effective integration of climate change impacts, and measures to address those impacts into local plans and programs. Feedback garnered from the conference will contribute to the development of content for a new local government section of the California Adaptation Strategy.

Presentations and video from the conference are available here.