ecoSolv Distribution partners with UCLA

Located in Upland, California, ecoSolv Distribution offers environmentally-safe cleaning (ecoClean), protection against microbes (ecoGard), enhanced plant growth (ecoAgra), and lower air conditioning and heating costs (MaxR100).

Glen MacDonald, director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, said, “We are delighted to welcome ecoSolv Distribution into our Corporate Partners Program. ecoSolv Distribution understands the importance of finding ways for companies in all industries to become more sustainable. We look forward to working with the team at ecoSolv Distribution in the years ahead.”

Kirk Fausett, ecoSolv Distribution Vice President, said, “We are honored to be working with such a well-respected University as UCLA. We look forward to working closely with them – from the field, to the office, to the laboratory and rooftop. Their assistance will be invaluable to our goal of educating businesses and individual consumers alike in how small changes they can make will result in major environmental improvements.”