Enroll in Environment and Sustainability Summer Classes 2013

ONLINE CLASS! Session A: June 24 – August 2

ENVIRONMENT 186 – Comparative Sustainability Practices in Local-Global Settings – Instructor: Prof. Jay Guided fieldwork and comparative analysis to assess local sustainability practices and policies in diverse regional or international settings. Online course you can take from anywhere in the world!

GE CLASS! Session A: June 24 – August 2

ENVIRONMENT 12 – Sustainability and the Environment – MW 10:45am-12:35pm + Disc., Instructor: Prof. Jay Learn about global climate change, biodiversity, pollution, and water, energy and other natural resources in the context of creating a sustainable human society that is environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially just and equitable. This course fulfills Life Science, Physical Science or Social Analysis GE requirement.

Upper Division

SESSION A: June 24 – August 2

ENVIRONMENT M130 – Environmental Change
MW 9:00-11:05am – Instructor: Dr. Kremenetski
(Same as Geography M131) Examination of natural forces producing environmental changes over past two million years. How present landscape reflects past conditions. Effects of environmental change on people. Increasing importance of human activity in environmental modification. Focus on impact of natural and anthropogenic changes on forests.

ENVIRONMENT M134 – Environmental Economics
TR 10:00am-12:00pm – Instructor: Prof. Kahn
(Same as Economics M134) Introduction to major ideas in natural resources and environmental economics, with emphasis on designing incentives to protect the environment.

ENVIRONMENT M164 – Environmental Politics and Governance – NEW FOR SUMMER!
TR 12:00-1:45pm – Instructor: Dr. Sivaraman
(Same as Urban Planning M160.) Lecture, three hours. Environmental planning is more than simply finding problems and fixing them. Each policy must be negotiated and implemented within multiple, complex systems of governance. Institutions and politics matter deeply. Overview of how environmental governance works in practice and how it might be improved.

SESSION C: Aug 5 – Sept 13

ENVIRONMENT M153 – Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community Planning
M 5:00-8:50pm – Instructor: W. Wells
(Same as Architecture and Urban Design CM153) Relationship of built environment to natural environment through whole systems approach, with focus on sustainable design of buildings and planning of communities. Emphasis on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and appropriate use of resources, including materials, water, and land.