Fall 2013 Center for Tropical Research Newsletter

This past year marked two troubling milestones that foresee tremendous challenges ahead for the future of our planet: the world’s human population surpassed 7 billion and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose above 400ppm. To help meet these challenges in Central Africa, CTR is expanding the International Research and Training Center that has served as a logistical research hub for more than 800 international scientists from 15 countries since 2010, to create the Center for Integrative Development. Located on the campus of our partner, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, the CID will focus on finding solutions to three overarching challenges facing the region: climate change and biodiversity, food and water security, and human health. The architectural firm Gensler recently completed the designs of the Phase I construction for the Center in Yaoundé. To view the Phase I plans, see CTR’s home page.

The newsletter features two articles. The first, by Richard Rosomoff and Judith Carney, examines the complex challenges of mangrove conservation and preserving food-gathering traditions in the Senegambia region of West Africa. The second article, by Trevon Fuller, explores how spatial modeling can predict outbreaks of novel influenza strains in China and help prevent human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 virus.

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