One Easy Way to Make Public Bus Service Cheaper and Greener
The Atlantic highlighted new findings by Matt Kahn, IoES professor and environmental economist. Professor Kahn’s research suggests that America’s public bus service would be less expensive and more efficient if federal regulations didn’t prevent cities from sourcing buses internationally.

UCLA Takes on ‘Grand Challenge’
The Lompoc Record highlights UCLA’s major new environmental research project aimed at making Los Angeles a global model for sustainability. The project is the first of UCLA’s six Grand Challenges, which seek to address pressing societal issues through multidisciplinary innovations and breakthroughs.

Where Goes California…
Jon Christensen, adjunct assistant professor of history and a member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, was featured in the Nov. 25 episode of the Al Jazeera series “Empire,” which looked at how developments in California, New York and Texas influence the rest of the U.S.