Seahawks, Broncos gear up for super ‘green’ bowl
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Chair and IoES Professor Dan Blumstein was quoted in a NBC News story about the National Football League’s efforts to make the Super Bowl event more environmentally-friendly.

Global Warming Opening up the Arctic
UCLA professor of geography Laurence C. Smith was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about research he conducted Scott Stephenson, a doctoral candidate in geography, predicting that global warming will open up new, previously inaccessible shipping routes through the Arctic Ocean by mid-century. Smith’s book “The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future” was cited.

The Future of Yellowstone Wolves
An article published in Montana’s Billings Gazette about the food-chain dynamics of the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park referenced the ongoing research collaboration between Yellowstone’s Wolf Project and UCLA researchers led by Robert Wayne, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology.

Southern California of the Future
Several UCLA faculty members were interviewed in the winter 2013 edition of Boom, A Journal of California about their predictions for California in 2050. Allison Carruth, assistant professor of English and a member of UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics, was interviewed about food; Sharon Dolovich, UCLA professor of law, about California’s prison system; Alessandro Duranti, dean of the social sciences division in the UCLA College of Letters and Science, about universities; Elinor Ochs, professor of anthropology and director of the UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families, about families and homes; and H. Bradley Shaffer, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and a member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, about nature.