How Karl Marx’s ‘Urban Metabolism’ Is Helping Cities Go Green | Governing

Stephanie Pincetl, a member of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and director of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA, was quoted in an article about the reemerging scientific approach that helps ecologists, engineers, urban planners, and politicians better understand the physical impact of cities on the environment.

Preparing for the EV Charging Future | Smart Grid Observer

Dr. Rajit Gadh will be speaking on the topic of “Integrating EVs into the Grid: An IOT Perspective ” at the 4th Annual Electric Vehicles Virtual Summit 2014.

Gray Wolves May Make Comeback in California | KPCC-FM’s ‘Take Two’

The gray wolf, hunted to extinction in California nearly 90 years ago, will be listed under the state’s Endangered Species Act. Robert Wayne, is a professor at UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He says it’s just a matter of time before wolves establish a pack in the Golden State