The Challenge of Water in the West | Los Angeles Times

UCLA researchers found that such “perfect droughts” coincide with periods of warming temperatures. And the climate models and data point to one consistent conclusion: The Southwest will be much warmer and drier in the near future.

UCLA Tracks Factory Toxins | KCET.org

UCLA has launched a new interactive map tracking the impact of toxins from local factories on the environment in Los Angeles County. Developed by seven students, it details more than eight million pounds of toxic chemicals released into the environment during 2012.

Students Create Website to Highlight Factory Ills | Phys.Org

A team of seven UCLA environmental science students has created a website that shows how emissions from local factories are impacting air quality in Los Angeles County. Cal EcoMaps, launched this month, features an interactive map with detailed information about 172 facilities.

Solving California’s Water Problem | Zócalo Public Square

(Op-ed by UCLA’s Yoram Cohen) “It might sound crazy, in the middle of a drought, to suggest that California can have a water-independent future. But I’ve come to believe that this is possible. My studies … show that water reclamation, water recycling, and reuse could reduce up to 30-50 percent of the country’s water use.”

Climate Change and Coastal Floods | San Francisco Chronicle

(Column by UCLA’s Jon Christensen) With 40 to 60 years, coastal floods will affect as many as 90,000 residents in San Mateo County, the most vulnerable county in California.