State Board Considers Fines for Water Wasters | KPCC-FM

“We ought to price indoor water use and outdoor water use at different prices,” said UCLA professor Stephanie Pincetl. “Watering your lawn is not the same as brushing your teeth. We’re acting like it’s the same and it’s not.”

The Status of L.A.’s Groundwater Treatment Program | Los Angeles Times

Mark Gold, acting director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA, said the [L.A. City Council] may be more likely to approve higher rates if they are coupled with money from the bond. “Because DWP’s relationship with the public is so poor, the difficulty in raising water rates is substantial.”

UCLA to parse pollution data | LA Register

As a result of participation in the Toxic Release Inventory University Challenge, they created an interactive website, Cal EcoMaps, that maps pollution from the top four industries in Los Angeles County.