• The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability was an exhibitor at the 5th Annual Opportunity Green Conference, held November 10-11, 2011 at the Los Angeles Center Studios. Director Glen MacDonald participated in the creative panel, “Shifting Tides: The Future of Southern California Water in the Face of Unpredictable Supply, Population Growth, and Climate Change.” The panel of speakers included former California State Governor Gray Davis.

• The first director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Distinguished Professor Richard Turco, has officially retired from the University after almost three decades of service. In addition to serving as the first leader of the Institute, Professor Turco was a faculty member with the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

• New additions to the IoES Affiliate roster include:

Associate Professor and VC of Undergraduate Studies Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Department of English

Professor Rajit Gadh, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Chancellor's Professor and Director Jason Cong, Department of Computer Science and Center for Domain-Specific Computing

Professor Yongkang Xue, Department of Geography and Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

• In September 2011 the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability (LARC) co-hosted a Energy and Sustainability Symposium at UCLA. Along with Johnson Controls, GE, the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, and the Department of Energy, the event brought in several dozen people for a day-long discussion of public-private partnerships for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. IoES is a member of LARC—a consensus-based organization made up of regional members who collaborate to improve the climate change efforts and sustainability of the greater Los Angeles Region.

• Life scientists from the Center for Tropical Research (CTR) discovered the first evidence of the H1N1 virus in animals in Africa. Their findings were published in Veterinary Microbiology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal specializing in microbial animal diseases. CTR Director Tom Smith, CTR Associate Director and Researcher Kevin Njabo, Postdoctoral Scholar Trevon Fuller, Research Associate Anthony Chasar, and Conservation Genetics Resource Center Director John Pollinger co-authored the study with other colleagues. 

"Water is Rising Music and Dance Amid Climate Change"—a concert co-sponsored by the Institute, concluded its North American tour with a final performance on November 19, 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In "Water is Rising" dancers and musicians from the Pacific Islands use performance to express their concern about how climate change is impacting their home and culture.