In the pursuit of science

It isn’t easy being green—especially when the green, meaning financial support, is critically needed.  Environmental science is an exciting and multifaceted subject matter. Monetary awards help students navigate this dynamic undergraduate degree program. The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability offers two scholarships to Environmental Science majors: the Glickfeld Family Scholarship and Greenspan Family Scholarship. Created through the generosity of community members committed to helping students help the planet, this aid has a transformative effect on its recipients. Take a look at how these scholarships impacted four students’ educational experience.


Ethan Greenspan with Casey Goepel, Tarn Johnson, and Elizabeth Schneider. | Nancy Tu, Glen MacDonald, and Madelyn Glickfeld.

Nancy Tu received the first Glickfeld Scholarship (2010-2012). The support allowed her to focus on her research. Last November Nancy presented at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students.  The funds also enabled Nancy to concentrate on applying to graduate school, to pursue an advanced degree in environmental engineering. Nancy was accepted into eight universities including Stanford and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Both colleges have top-ranked civil engineering programs.

Elizabeth Schneider is one of three recipients of the Greenspan Family Scholarship. Less financial pressure let Elizabeth focus on one of her true loves—working for the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student-produced newspaper.  Next year she will serve as an editor with the paper.  This role brings her one step closer to her dream of someday writing for National Geographic. Elizabeth exclaimed, “I am more committed than ever to both learning about the intricacies of the environment and sharing them with people.”

The Greenspan Scholarship provided the financial support for student Tarn Johnson to enroll in UCLA’s Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ). MBQ is a field research program. In preparation for MBQ participants must obtain certification in open-water and scientific scuba diving. Tarn noted, “It's an incredible opportunity to work closely with our professors, travel to a beautiful place, and contribute to scientific knowledge about human effects on marine ecosystems." She continued, “This support has been instrumental in helping to finance the diving activities.”

Casey Goepel used the Greenspan Family Scholarship to finance a trip to the island of Oahu. He visited the University of Hawaii at Manoa and interacted with the professors, learning about their projects. Casey is currently working with Professor Tom Gillespie on an independent research project on forests in Fiji. Casey stated, “Working closely with a professor has been a rewarding and inspiring experience.” He added, “Who knows, I may continue researching and contributing knowledge to the scientific community for years to come!”

To learn more about the Glickfeld Family Scholarship and Greenspan Family Scholarship and to apply click here. Application and supporting materials must be received no later than June 22, 2012.