Innovative climate software company partners with Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Vertum Partners is a start-up company with a vision to make state-of-the-art climate and weather data available to non-scientists for renewable energy decision-making through the development of intelligent decision-support software tools. It works closely with regional atmospheric scientists, including those at UCLA.

Managing Partner and Co-Founder Cameron Whiteman said, “Vertum Partners is very excited to be involved with this world-class institute. UCLA provides critical regional leadership with an eye on effective environmental business growth.”

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Director Glen MacDonald stated, “We are delighted to welcome Vertum into our Corporate Partners Program. Vertum is on the forefront of sustainability innovation with its unique software. We look forward to working with Vertum in the years ahead.”

The Corporate Partners Program is a new model for collaboration and communication on environment and sustainability issues, fostering relationships between public and private organizations and UCLA faculty, researchers and students. The program explores the latest business opportunities in environment and sustainability, corporate environmental performance, successful eco-marketing strategy and promotion of companies’ environmental initiatives.