Institute alumnus Jenna M. Rodriguez’s literature review published

Rodriguez is currently pursuing a graduate degree at UC Davis, and is part of the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group, Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing. Her paper, "Contributions of imaging spectroscopy to improve estimates of evapotranspiration," is a review of imaging spectroscopy, which measures hundreds of narrow spectral bands in the solar spectrum. These bands are used to quantify biophysical parameters, like plant pigments, water, and dry plant matter. These parameters can then be related to understanding water flux regulation and energy budgeting to advance evapotranspiraton (ET) estimates. Improved estimates of ET are needed for water resource management and irrigation scheduling. New observations from imaging spectroscopy will lead to better understanding of ecological and hydrological processes.

Rodriguez reflected on her experience as an Environmental Science undergraduate and how it influenced this study.

"The IoES was invaluable to this success. Professor Travis Longcore taught me how to write my first literature review.  Also, the senior practicum allowed me to pursue an independent research project studying irrigation efficiency, sparking my interest to pursue this after graduating from UCLA. Finally, the Geographic Information Systems lab taught by Professor Longcore in the senior practicum prepared me with some general skills that allowed me to begin work in remote sensing and spatial analysis of agricultural productivity," stated Rodriguez.

She continued, "I am appreciative and grateful to Professor Longcore, as well as my mentor, Professor Stanley Trimble, for guiding me toward a career in hydrologic sciences. Furthermore, Professor Tom Gillespie was critical to my advancement in applying remote sensing technology to my current studies in agricultural water budgeting."

To read the literature review by Rodriguez, S.L. Ustin, and D. Riaño click here.