Institute’s Brad Shaffer delivers keynote address

Found in 1968, The Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation is a coalition of five homeowners associations in and around the Las Virgenes Valley. Their goal is to develop cooperation, communication, coordination, and understanding among member associations and the cities of Calabasas and Agoura Hills; the County of Los Angeles; elected officials in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.; and other governmental agencies, such as the National Park Service and the California Coastal Commission. Protecting the mountain environment, expanding public parklands, and preserving the rural character of the region are the guiding principles of the Federation’s commitment and service to their community.

Dr. Shaffer's keynote speech addressed past battles where science has made a difference to conservation in California, and his hopes to apply cutting edge genetics research to conserve the precious biodiversity of the Santa Monica Mountains, now and in the future. He also elaborated on the exciting new partnership between the National Park Service and UCLA for conducting scientific research in the mountains located in the Las Virgenes Valley.

Prof. Brad Shaffer of the IoES, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor & La Kretz Center Faculty Director