Interdisciplinary training leads alumnus Nick Nairn-Birch to a coveted position with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Nick Nairn-Birch earned his Doctor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering from UCLA in spring 2012. Nairn-Birch has officially accepted the position of Environmental Protection Specialist at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Chemical Control Division, based in Washington DC. The Chemical Control Division is responsible for ensuring appropriate controls are in place to minimize risk from chemicals in commerce.

A competitive search was conducted to identify the perfect candidate. The agency’s hiring administrator stated Nairn-Birch’s strong training in science and policy, along with his National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education Research Traineeship, made him the frontrunner for this important job with the EPA. 

In his new role Nairn-Birch will lead regulatory activity, conduct research and analysis and apply this information to develop or adjust chemical control policy, coordinate with outside stakeholders on voluntary phase-out agreements and other industry-government partnerships, and initiate, plan, and implement new office initiatives for the existing Chemicals Program. As an Environmental Protection Specialist he will combine scientific and engineering principles with policy analysis, work in teams, and apply strategic and analytical thinking to solve environmental problems related to chemicals in commerce. The position also involves working very closely with other divisions' staff who do the hard-core science, toxicology, and engineering analyses to complete various projects.