IoES Center for Tropical Research Director Tom Smith receives California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Grant

Tom Smith, a professor with the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department and Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, will receive funding from the CA LCC for his proposal, “Maximizing evolutionary potential under climate change in southern California protected areas.”  Partnering with the National Park Service, this project’s objective is to transfer to California a previously developed prioritization framework that combines intraspecific genetic and morphological variation with traditionally used indices of biodiversity, and test its general utility for conservation prioritization. This project will integrate existing data on intraspecific variation of multiple species in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area with climate data and space-borne measurements of the environment to identify areas with high intraspecific variation.

The California Landscape Conservation Cooperative is a management-science partnership among agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other entities that informs on-the-ground conservation actions addressing climate change and other stressors within and across landscapes.  Thirty nine proposals were submitted and nine winners were selected. The projects selected for support will help to build a foundation of information and lead to decision‐support tools for resource managers including one‐stop access to climate change science, sea level rise planning tools, and data and monitoring protocols.

IoES Director Glen MacDonald stated, “This engagement of UCLA researchers and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability with the CA LCC is part of the University’s real commitment to become an integral part of governmental and NGO efforts to better manage and preserve the landscapes and ecosystems of the west.”