IoES’ Dr. Stephanie Pincetl receives National Science Foundation grant

This National Science Foundation (NSF) Water Sustainability and Climate program grant was established to investigate urban ecosystems and water management in the city of Los Angeles. California Center for Sustainable Communities Director and IoES Adjunct Professor Pincetl is collaborating with Colorado School of Mines Associate Professor Terri Hogue and University of Utah's Diane Pataki on the study.

Like many cities in the western U.S., Los Angeles relies on extensive, centralized redistribution projects for its water supply. Water is transported hundreds of kilometers to support agricultural and urban activities in southern California; however, allocations from remote sources have been declining due to drought, over-extractions, and competing water needs.

The goal of this new NSF project will be to understand the coupled eco-hydrologic and decision making processes that determine the availability of local water resources in southern California. Ultimately, results will help western cities optimize local ecosystems and the long-term sustainability of urban water supplies.