IoES launches grant program to support collaborative environmental research at UCLA

Linking expertise can often lead to discovery. The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability was founded with this ambition:  to bridge disciplines — physical and social sciences, management and economics, law and policy, art and humanities, public health, and engineering — to tackle our planet's greatest challenges.  With the goal of strengthening intellectual alliances across the University, IoES has established the Environmental Solutions Venture Project (ESVP). 

A component of ESVP is a start-up grant program. Qualified projects will address a priority environmental concern to the public, communities at risk, organizations, or business stakeholders. Topics identified for study will ideally produce relevant findings with real-world applications.

ambrose and macdonald fieldwork

An aim of this program is to spur pioneering, multidisciplinary partnerships among professors at UCLA. Eligible participants must include a faculty member of the Institute. Proposals are encouraged to target an IoES research concentration such as climate change, air and water quality, conservation and biodiversity, natural resource management, corporate environmental performance, tropical biology,  or urban sustainability. 

Funding can support personnel and other expenses. The grant period is two years with a maximum budget of up to $20,000. A formal written report, working paper suitable for online publication, published article, or subsequent proposal for additional funding can serve as the project’s final product.

Optimally the research will reveal new conceptual approaches or answers to environment or sustainability problems, explore new historical, social, or cultural dimensions of major issues, assess the values and ethics of proposed solutions to these challenges, or develop new models for communicating science.

Institute Assistant Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives Madelyn Glickfeld said, “Over 90 faculty from nearly every department and professional school at UCLA are connected to the IoES and our eight research centers engage experts around campus. Through the generosity of our donors we have seed funds to take interdisciplinary research to the next level."

For program guidelines, application instructions, further information about the review process, and deadline click here. All inquiries should be directed to