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ACCESS is published by the University of California Transportation Center which is funded by the US Department of Transportation and the California Department of Transportation to advance research and education programs that address the critical transportation challenges facing our nation.

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Introduction: Shedding Weight by John A. Mathews

Parking Requirements and Housing Development: Regulation and Reform in Los Angeles by Michael Manville

Carmageddon in Los Angeles: The Sizzle and the Fizzle by Brian D. Taylor and Martin Wachs

Carmageddon or Carmaheaven? Air Quality Results of a Freeway Closure by Arthur Winer, Yifang Zhu, and Suzanne Paulson

Pursuing the Technological Sublime: How the Bay Bridge Became a Megaproject by Karen Trapenberg Frick

We Can Learn Something from That! Promoting an Experimental Culture in Transportation by Joseph Schofer and Raymond Chan

The ACCESS ALMANAC: Parking Charity by Donald Shoup

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