Los Angeles joins plastic bag ban

Kai Ryssdal: Here's today's mind-blowing but still somehow not surprising indicator of the way we live in the early 21st century. Best guesses are that every year here in the city of Los Angeles, we go through 2.3 billion of those plastic grocery store bags. That goes a long way to explaining why the city council has voted to ban them. L.A.'s the biggest city in the country to do so.

Once the ban phases in over the next year, a subsitute paper bag will cost you 10 cents. But that's not so great for the environment either. Marketplace's Adriene Hill reports.

Adriene Hill: Plastic is on the way out in L.A.

Mark Gold: It's not just great news for our oceans, it's great news our rivers, it's great news for our neighborhoods.

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