Model Design Manual for Living Streets

UCLA and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's RENEW LA County program are debuting the "Model Design Manual for Living Streets" to expand opportunities for people to bicycle and walk as part of an obesity-prevention effort.  

The manual, supported by a RENEW LA grant, and in partnership with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, provides guidance for cities seeking to update their existing road standard manuals with new techniques to reflect a greater emphasis on active transportation. It expands on traditional street standards by including principles for reducing stormwater run-off in streets and thereby increasing environmental sustainability. The manual was written by a team of national, regional and local experts in traffic engineering, transportation planning, land-use planning, architecture, public health and other fields. 

Cities across the nation may use the manual in any way, free of charge, depending on their needs. They may adopt the entire manual, adopt certain chapters in full or part, or modify any part to suit their individual needs. 

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