New Bruins on the Block

Lindsay Rose Liegler

Hometown: Coto de Caza, California
Academic Program: B.S. in Environmental Science
Year: First-time freshman


UCLA captured Lindsay's attention because it not only offered an Environmental Science Major, but had its own institute dedicated to the environment and sustainability. Lindsay explained her decision to study at UCLA and the IoES, "I chose this major because I want to help instigate change throughout the world, in the way we view our environment and in the way we treat it. In my opinion, our natural resources are being exploited to such a degree that they will not last much longer – I feel it is my job to educate others about the importance of our environment and to promote its preservation around the globe."  

The chance to conduct fieldwork also drew Lindsay to UCLA. An outdoor enthusiast and animal-lover, Lindsay feels a special connection to nature and is fascinated by what the natural world has to offer. A practicing vegan, she proudly supports PETA and the ASPCA and does not purchase products from companies that do animal testing. 

Lindsay hopes to focus on conservation biology and is also interested in researching sustainable energy resources. She is already considering a future with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and stated, "Whatever career path I choose to follow I hope that my efforts will inspire worldwide change."

Tiffany Wu

Hometown: Oak Park, California
Academic Program: B.S. in Environmental Science
Year: First-time freshman

tiffany wuThis new Bruin learned about "going green" at a young age, through Girl Scout activities and events. Tiffany's interest continued in high school so it made sense to pursue the subject in college. She said, "I'm incredibly excited to study at a university that has such an amazing Environmental Science undergraduate degree program. A couple of years ago I attended a lecture given by an IoES professor and was blown away by the topic and extensive research."

Tiffany plans to add a Conservation Biology Minor and would love to work for a nonprofit organization focused on nature protection. A huge fan of traveling, she would like to do fieldwork in other parts of the world. "In recent years I've visited the British Virgin Islands and Amazon rainforest and aspire to do conservation work in the future."  

Michael Christopher Rupic

Hometown: San Diego, California
Academic Program: B.S. in Environmental Science
Year: First-time freshman


A self-described modern-day hippie interested in all things eco-friendly, Michael's motivation behind selecting the Environmental Science Major is based on the simple fact that there is only one Earth – one planet that provides the setting for life to survive and thrive.  Michael said, "The organic simplicity within the world serves as a reminder to me of the necessity for its inhabitants to preserve the planet. Educating people about alternative energy sources and sustainable natural resources will fulfill my aspiration to change the world."

He continued, "One of the things that makes me excited about starting at UCLA and the IoES is that studying within beautiful surroundings like the University campus will improve my educational experience and invigorate my intellectual development."    

Michael wants to focus on conservation biology and environmental systems and apply this knowledge of life to improve air, land, and water systems. His goal is to eventually become a professor.


Sing-Yee (Lucy) Lin

Hometown: Montclair, California
Academic Program: Doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering 
Year: First-term graduate student

A skilled environmental planner, Lucy earned a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and holds a Master of Planning degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Southern California. Lucy has an extensive background in the field of planning, regulatory support, and environmental analysis. She has played key analytical and project management roles in transportation, transit, and environmental planning for federal, state, and local clients. With training that bridges the physical and social sciences, she is an ideal candidate for the interdisciplinary IoES. 

Lucy revealed why she decided to enroll in the ESE program, "I want to explore innovative environmental and engineering approaches to delivering large transportation projects that combine cutting-edge engineering standards, sensitivity to environmental resource constraints, and sustainability and durability considerations in shaping human and ecological responses."

She continued, "In particular, I have an interest in high-speed rail systems and would like to explore alternative solutions beyond current best management practices to maximize public benefit considerations in carrying out planned transportation projects that could drastically alter the social and physical landscape of California."