Pritzker Fund for Environment and Sustainability Education Fellow Appointed

Established through a generous gift from IoES Advisory Board Chair and businessman Tony Pritzker, The Pritzker Fund for Environment and Sustainability Education supports teaching and curriculum development at the IoES.

The IoES Curriculum Committee reviews candidates and nominates instructors. Fellows are selected by the IoES faculty, based on their level of expertise, scholarship, potential to contribute to the IoES academic program teaching needs, and commitment to providing innovative, forward thinking courses that focus on environmental and sustainability issues.

Professor Jenny Jay is the 2011 Pritzker Fellow. Her expertise is in geochemical and microbial processes that govern the fate of contaminants in the environment. Professor Jay has strong interests in sustainability. She will teach two summer courses for the IoES, both of which she helped to develop.

The first course, Environment 12 – Sustainability and the Environment, is a general education course that can be taken by any UCLA student and introduces students to the core concepts of sustainability. This course was developed as part of IoES’ goal to infuse concepts of sustainability into the UCLA curriculum more broadly.

The second course, Environment 186 – Comparative Sustainability Practices in Local/Global Settings, is an upper division course that can also be taken by any UCLA student and is aimed at those traveling abroad or home for the summer. This innovative online course, that was developed in collaboration with Summer Travel Programs, encourages students to broaden their understanding of sustainability in a real-world context by comparing sustainability awareness and practices between two areas/locations, for example UCLA and another academic institution abroad, or their home town and Los Angeles.

Professor Jay said, “I’m deeply honored to be named a Pritzker Fellow and excited about the opportunity it provides. Sustainability is the most important issue of our time. These courses, along with other activities at UCLA, relate directly to achieving a better understanding of how, as a society and as individuals, we can accomplish the essential goal of a creative and peaceful, rather than destructive, relationship with our Earth. Our survival depends on it.”