Prop 30: Supporters say passage of Jerry Brown tax measure signals end of Prop 13’s tax revolt

In passing Gov. Jerry Brown's tax increase, California voters signaled a symbolic end to the tax revolt of 1978, when they adopted Proposition 13's limits on property taxes, supporters said Wednesday.

Proposition 30, a $6 billion-a-year package of tax increases that the governor campaigned furiously for in the final weeks of the campaign, passed with a 54 percent majority, averting major cuts to public education.

The tax package raises income taxes on the wealthy and sales taxes for everyone else.

Most of the money is earmarked for K-12 schools and community colleges, which have suffered due to lack of stable financial support. Brown had warned that failure of the measure would have triggered immediate cuts to schools.

"Californians looked at the state of our schools and said: 'They are fundamental to who we are, and our future. We need to support public education, because it is a huge driver of our progress,' " said UC-Los Angeles history professor Jon Christensen, former director of Stanford's Bill Lane Center for the American West. "That is a very, very heartening change."

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