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Preserving Cameroon’s treasures

The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed by Center for Tropical Research Director Tom Smith about the country’s conservation challenges and actions needed to protect the region’s natural resources.


Reports from Cameroon

When Tom Smith, Director of the UCLA Center for Tropical Research, first told me we were visiting the Dja Reserve, my thoughts fluctuated between tremendous anticipation and severe anxiety. On the one hand, I was excited to meet members of the Baka tribe, one of the oldest African tribes, and have them lead us on a long hike into the Dja. On the other hand, we were venturing into a wild place that was the birthplace of AIDS and home to numerous other tropical diseases.


Birdsongs in space

Coverage of the new study by CTR Director Tom Smith and colleagues about using fieldwork and satellite data to predict animal behavior.


Elephant poaching

The Guardian published a letter to the editor from Center for Tropical Research Director Tom Smith about biodiversity loss resulting from this illegal practice.


Center for Tropical Research Fall 2012 Newsletter

CTR researchers report on a study exploring cryptic diversity with Indian and Pacific Ocean Big Fin Reef Squids and workshops held focused on building the capacity to control animal-borne influenza in Cameroon and Egypt.


Growing threats to biodiversity ‘arks’

Center for Tropical Research Director Tom Smith participated in a study currently appearing in the journal Nature on averting biodiversity collapse in protected tropical areas.