Team Turtle Beats the Drought

How the UCLA La Kretz Center Rehabbed & Released 28 Genetically Significant Turtles Imperiled by Habitat Loss

Lake Oroville State Recreation Area affected by the California drought. Credit: Flickr, Ray-Bouknight

Beyond the Perfect Drought: California’s Real Water Crisis

The record-breaking drought in California is not chiefly the result of low precipitation. Three factors – rising temperatures, groundwater depletion, and a shrinking Colorado River – mean the most populous U.S. state will face decades of water shortages and must adapt.

Photo Credit: Zócalo Public Square

In L.A., Brown Is Beautiful Again

For 100 Years, Humans Made Southern California Green. Now, the Drought Is Returning Our Landscape to Its Rightful Color Palette



IoES in the news and quotable



IoES in the news and quotable

Photo credit: Todd Cheney/UCLA

Climate Cooperation Among Nations

Scholars and policy specialists from the U.S. and Canada convened at UCLA on March 31 for a symposium about the benefits and challenges involved in the linkage of California and Quebec‘s cap and trade programs.