Credit: National Wildlife Federation

Welcoming Wildlife to the Neighborhood

Environmental science student study informs efforts to transform outdoor spaces into native plant-based, chemical free, nature-friendly habitats


Stories to Watch

The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability hosted a presentation by the World Resources Institute on the issues that will impact people and the planet in 2014.

UCLA Volunteer Day

Outreach Highlights 2013

During the academic year IoES hosts or co-sponsors close to 100 events on- and off-campus. Seminars, conferences, and documentary screenings allow us to bring in experts and engage with the community on critical environment and sustainability issues.

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Research Highlights 2013

In 2013 research teams at the institute received close to $10 million in funding for studies on education and conservation in Central Africa, advanced energy metering technology, urban ecosystem services, restoration and management of coastal wetlands, and smart water systems and technology.


Sustaining L.A.

UCLA Magazine profile on Bruin alumnus, environmental advocate, and IoES Associate Director Mark Gold.

Surveying H2O in Southern California

Stephanie Pincetl, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA’s Institute of Environment and Sustainability, speaks about her continued work to map the different organizations and entities that control water in Los Angeles.

UCLA Grand Challenges

“Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles” is the inaugural project.


Silver Lining to ‘Greywater’

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and IoES Professor Yoram Cohen and engineering graduate student Zita Yu are developing ‘vertical wetlands’ to ease water use.


How diet affects an animal’s chance of becoming roadkill

The Week reported on Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Chair and IoES Professor Dan Blumstein and former student Taylor Cook’s paper, “The omnivores dilemma: Diet explains variation in vulnerability to vehicle collision.”


Sustainable Spark

Environmental Science alumna Vanessa Goh converts a class project into a career.